Who's Coming

Nick Clark

Nick Clark is the Founder and CEO of Common Desk. After graduating from SMU, Nick spent seven years working in commercial real estate in Dallas.
Those 7 years slowly but surely developed a love for office environments / the future of work in Nick’s heart, and then, through a random office assignment, he discovered the magic of coworking (and never looked back).
In 2011, Nick resigned to launch a coworking space in Deep Ellum called Common Desk. Common Desk has since become a workspace centered around flexibility and community, which currently has hundreds of active members across its three spaces (and counting). In 2013, Nick co-founded a company called Roam Directories. Roam specializes in innovative touchscreen directories for commercial office buildings. Both Common Desk and Roam have been recognized locally and nationally as companies that are transforming office environments. He also serves as the President of LEXC, an international coworking organization providing a worldwide network for coworking space members.
Day by day, Nick pours his time into growing Common Desk as a business and also pouring into Common Desk’s staff and members.