Who's Coming

Mara Hauser

Entrepreneur and Mom. Community Catalyst. Addicted to Serendipity.

Mara Hauser, an interior designer by trade, has been bringing her unique and innovative visions to workplaces nationwide for more than 30 years. Her experience in designing workspaces for collaboration and productivity—as well as a love affair with entrepreneurship and innovation—made coworking a natural evolution. In 2015, she launched 25N Coworking, a collection of shared workspaces uniquely designed for community engagement in suburban contexts—an experimental movement that has positioned Mara as a thought leader in a niche that serves coworkers outside of traditional urban markets.

Mara’s sought-after expertise and successful replication of the suburban coworking model has landed her key roles nationally and internationally: she serves in leadership positions for LExC (the League of Extraordinary Coworking Spaces) and on the Board of Directors for GWA (Global Workspace Association). She also maintains close ties to local civic organizations in the suburban markets she serves, with a focus on small businesses and women in business. Mara is also the recipient of several awards including the Cynthia Bland O’Toole New Venture Award and an Entrepreneurial Excellence Award for Innovation.