Who's Coming

Jamie Russo

Jamie Russo is what one might call a literal bright light in the coworking world, making it her business to illuminate the path for all who enter.

As the executive director of Global Workspace Association (GWA), she sets strategy, makes sure it translates to real life, and focuses relentlessly on creating and maintaining value for members far and wide. As both the founder and chief of work + wellness at Enerspace, she provides flexible workspaces where world-shakers can do their best work in good health.

Passionate about the consumerization of the workspace, Jamie does her part to shape the future of work as the driving force (and voice) behind the Everything Coworking podcast, which offers clear, bright, actionable advice for current and aspiring coworking operators as well as curious minds who want to know where the future of work might be found. The vibrant series focuses on trends, how-tos and tips to help listeners learn from others’ mistakes and misadventures while sidestepping a few of their own, sparing them from reinventing the wheel on the road to coworking success.

Jamie speaks regularly at industry conferences such as the Global Coworking Unconference Conference (GCUC) and Worktech, and she’s an ongoing contributor to Work Design Magazine. She served for two years as president of the League of Extraordinary Coworking spaces (LExC) after bursting onto the coworking scene as an early adopter after immersing herself for years in the world of workplace wellness, working with Fortune 500 companies to identify, address and shift the paradigm of employee health (or lack thereof) in the corporate realm.

In a former life, her days were spent in marketing, product development, client management, business consulting, and start-up operations and leadership. Jamie holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and lives in the San Francisco Bay.

When not at work, you’ll find her outside with her husband, daughter and two Mini Goldendoodles or in the garage or at the local Crossfit box doing clean and jerks and handstand pushups.