Who's Coming

Cuyler Owens

Silvercar began as a customer-first challenge to the tired status quo of airport car rental and has evolved, under the same philosophy, into a mobility platform delivering new value to the emerging mobility stakeholders on both sides of B2C and B2B transportation: car drivers, fleet and service managers, vehicle manufacturers, retail distributors, transportation networkers, and even city planners.

My Role at Silvercar is to develop and deliver new value to these mobility stakeholders. I help teams articulate and refine mobility concepts, and then I lead teams to deliver the right products to market via a Platform-as-a-Service infrastructure, enabling massive and explosive scale opportunities to ignite sales and ensure ongoing self-service stakeholder success. To date, my group has effectively introduced to the market two new mobility products: the first, Dealerware, is a fleet management platform enabling Auto Makers, Dealer Groups and Dealerships to achieve new levels of profitability while significantly improving the After Sales and Service customer experience. Utilizing Dealerware, our customers are reducing operating costs, improving employee productivity and seeing significant ROI improvement across their service loaner fleets; the second, Shared Fleet, is a fully-digital, dedicated fleet product which lowers the cost per mile of a collective pool of driver miles while significantly improving on previous iterations of shared vehicle products (from both a management and end-user perspective).