Who's Coming

Amrit Dhir

Amrit Dhir leads Global Operations for Google for Entrepreneurs. His team manages the technical and physical operations of Campus, a network of Google’s spaces for entrepreneurs in startup hubs around the world: London, Madrid, São Paulo, Seoul, Tel Aviv, and Warsaw. He also coordinates the network’s expansion: next up, Campus Berlin. His time and energy are roughly divided into the twin of aims of: Make Things Work and Make Things Awesome. Prior to joining GFE, Amrit was a Senior Manager in New Business Development, leading partnerships and business strategy for some of Alphabet’s and Google’s earliest-stage and most ambitious projects: e.g., Project Baseline at Verily; the Google Cultural Institute; Rapid Eval Investigations at Google[x]; Google Helpouts; and Machine Learning within Google Research. His previous ambitions to be a lawyer and the lead singer of a metal band (separate ambitions) are now safely buried in his past.