• Day 1 / May 5 // GCUC Conference



    Six years ago, Uber, AirBnB, and WeWork didn’t exist. Today, one is worth more on paper than General Motors, another more than Hyatt, and the third more than SL Green. Why? The pithy answer is that there’s an app for all that, but the truth is more complicated — where we live, how we move, and how we work are all being disrupted. The rise of coworking, co-living, and ride-hailing all point to new possibilities for networking, re-purposing, and more intensively utilizing what was previously just a house, or a car, or the office. In addition, how we perceive the cities, how we use them, and how we find each other within them has been fundamentally altered by our ability to connect, to summon services on demand, and to allow our data exhaust be used for dousing. In his talk, the New Cities Foundation’s Greg Lindsay describes how the city‐as‐a‐service is changing how we move, work, and love — and the investment opportunities this creates.

    Join Casper ter Kuile and Angie Thurston, Ministry Innovation Fellows at Harvard Divinity Schools as they chart the rapidly changing culture of religious identity and practice. They’ll illustrate how a new landscape of communities of meaning and belonging – from CrossFit to coworking spaces – are replicating traditionally religious functions.

    Take a brain break and grab a snack from the nourish bar.

    The Typical office has lots of problems- stop repeating them. By Focusing on wellness, sustainability, and people we can take shared workspaces to the next level.

    Sit down, strap in and get ready for some best practices and research debuting at GCUC.

    Grab a bite to eat and get to know the other GCUC attendees

    Wait and see


    Why your Address is just as important as your community

    Frank Cottle, Alliance

    Felena Hanson, Founder of Herahub

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    This is story of how a broadcasting company’s love for baseball kickstarted the transformation of an abandoned tobacco town into a bustling startup ecosystem, one that CNBC dubbed “The Startup Capital of the South.”  American Underground, a Google for Entrepreneurs Tech Hub, was founded in Durham, NC in 2010, with a core commitment to access and economic development.  With the goal of being the most diverse tech hub in the country, their 2015-2016 annual report shared that 48.2% of member companies are led by women and people of color.  The American Underground community has now expanded to 5 locations with 300+ companies and 1,000+ active daily members.While there is much to celebrate, rapid growth can pose some challenges.  What do you do when a city has outgrown its infrastructure?  What does it look like to create realistic solutions, while honoring values of equity and access?  Come hear how American Underground’s partnership with Audi will serve as an innovative and financially accessible resource for the broader city of Durham!


    Catch a ride to happy hour.

    Join us for drinks and lite bites at the Steelcase Worklife Center on 4 Columbus Circle New York New York 10019.

    *Attendees only

    The first ever industry awards…. the Coworky Awards!

    Join us at the Steelcase Worklife Center on 4 Columbus Circle New York New York 10019.

    The Coworky awards will take place during the happy hour!

    *Attendees only

    Go explore the citys thriving food scene and soak up the local flare.

    At GCUC, we don’t mess around. We bring you the best and brightest speakers in the industry – no pay-for-play, no sponsor politics – just wise words from big brains, carefully curated to give you your money’s worth.

    Hear from thought leaders paving the way and bringing you with them, shaping the future of work and giving you what you need to carve out your space in it.

  • Day 2 / May 6 // GCUC Unconference


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    Unconference Session 1
    Topic 1 – How to fail at giving away space

    Nate Heasley

    Topics 2, 3 and 4 to be determined the day of!




    Unconference Session 2
    Topic 1 – You don’t know what you don’t know – How to sell services

    Frank Cottle, Alliance Business Centers Network

    Martin Senn, davinci virtual office solutions

    Topics 2, 3 and 4 to be determined the day of!




    Unconference Session 3
    Topic 1 – How to scale Community

    Ashley Proctor, GCUC Canada / 312 Main

    Topics 2, 3 and 4 to be determined the day of!




    Unconference Session 4
    Topic 1 – Succession Planning is sexy

    Sam Rosen

    Topics 2, 3 and 4 to be determined the day of!




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    Wrap for the day

    Connolly’s Pub & Restaurant
    112 West 45th Street 3rd floor New York, NY 10036

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    It’s a Juicy Audi Soirée!

    Get a car for your community from Audi! Audi is giving away a 3 month subscription to a shared fleet vehicle to one lucky winner!

    Must be present to win and live in Continental US. All terms and conditions will be provided at GCUC closing party, so calm down!

    If you are registered for GCUC or camp – we got you boo (DO NOT RSVP)

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    When: May 6th 2017

    Where: The Mezz
    55 Broadway, New York, NY 10006


    As GCUC continues to evolve, move and grow- we pivot. This year in lieu of tracks, we have curated a few kick ass topics for each hourly session lead by notable community leaders. These originated from the GCUC community world wide. These are just one of the 4 topics each hour. The other 3 will be decided democratically the day of, by you at GCUC! We can’t wait for you to blow your mind with your mad skills.

  • Day 3 / May 7 // Camp GCUC

    In a nutshell, CAMP GCUC is the ultimate one-day immersive experience. If you’re here, you’re fairly new to the shared workspace realm, but you’ve just had a two-day crash course with some of the brightest brains in the business. You’re thirsty for more. So, we juice things up with firsthand lessons in financial modeling, designing your space, building community and harnessing technology. You and 100 fellow awesome people will come together to learn and depart with new mentors, colleagues and friends for life.

    Year after year, we’ve seen this experience crank up the trajectory of hundreds of soon-to-be luminaries. It’s a gamechanger. That’s why it comes on a separate ticket. Got yours yet? Good. Let’s get this party started.


    Pick up your Badge

    We will be kicking off the day centered on the bottom line… the nitty gritty numbers. We will be whipping out the spreadsheets to show you the real cost of owning and running a coworking space. we have a simple rule of thumb – if the numbers don’t work, don’t open

    Stretch your legs, get caffinated and grab a snack

    Design is critical to the success, flow and function of your coworking space. We will cover everything from the windows to the walls to the numbers and flow…. and everything else in between, lead by Jerome Chang.

    Let’s break some bread and engage in conversation.

    Who loves renting rectangles of space to people who just come and go? Anybody? Not me either! Your community is not just what makes a coworking space special–it’s what attracts members and powers your business. We will walk you through the process of fostering the authentic connections you’ll need to develop (or redevelop!) a lasting sticky culture. Expect handy worksheets and lots of interactive Q&A! Tony Bacigalupo will be leading this one for you guys!

    We love an ice breaker and we love us some coffee and sometime we love iced coffee

    Its not as easy as it looks. It takes a lot of tools and technology to flawlessly run a coworking space. It’s not just software and hardware, its a methodology and we’re about to blow your mind.

    Ask the presenters anything

    We’re already living the long-awaited future of work and coworking is spelled all over this workplace revolution.

    For five years now, GCUC has marched hand in hand with the coworking movement around the world; we’ve explored everything coworking, from location and design, to branding and finance.

    With top thought-leaders of the industry as speakers and panelists, together we’ll help you jump on board and dominate the future of work!