About GCUC

For the past six years, GCUC has marched hand in hand with the coworking movement all over the world, exploring everything from location and design to branding and community building. Now that the concept is becoming a household name, we’re getting ahead of the game by defining the future of work. At the intersection of real estate and technology, we’re breaking the old rules and writing new ones to benefit all involved. We’ve joined forces with ACBN to produce an industry-wide event, breaking things wide open to explore what’s next, together. In other words, GCUC is where it’s at. Trust us: you want to be there.


You won’t want to miss this one!
Join us in New York City in May!

2011 – Liz Elam attends the Coworking Unconference Event in March in Austin, Texas.
2011 – Liz rebrands the event “The Global Coworking Unconference Conference” – GCUC – pronounced ‘juicy’.
2012 – Over 200 attend the first GCUC in Austin, Texas – Adam Neuman of WeWork speaks.
2013 – The second GCUC takes place in Austin, Texas to rave reviews.
2014 – We move to Kansas City and dream up moving GCUC outside the US!
2015 – GCUC takes place in Berkeley, California and adds the CAMP program for the first time. We expand to Australia, Canada and China! We also do POP UP events in Austin and Chicago. GCUC takes over as the largest Coworking conference series in the world.
2016 – GCUC goes to LA and Sao Paulo, Beijing and Montreal! ABCN also joins forces with the GCUC Crew to present an industry wide conference.
2017 – Oh the places we’ll go….

Stay tuned and in the meantime, tune in to GCUC Radio.


The airwaves just got juicier. We’ve partnered with Tony Bacigalupo for a podcast series exploring all things coworking. Lend us an ear and learn something new!